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Interno della Chiesa

The Church


The Church of "Nunziatella" was restored in the early eighteenth century by the architect Ferdinando Sanfelice, commissioned by the Jesuit Fathers that had their novitiate on the hill of Pizzofalcone. The Church was dedicated to the Virgin "Annunziata" and called "Nunziatella" to differentiate it from the other one in the historical area of Naples.

On 3rd November 1767 the Jesuits were moved on from the Kingdom and their properties confiscated. In 1787 in that area, on mount Echia, Ferdinando IV founded the Royal Military Academy. Since then the Church of "Nunziatella" has been using as chapel of the military school.

Inside the Church there are precious frescos by F. De Mura who painted the apse basin with the "Magi's Adoration" and the great vault with the "Virgin's Assumption". The Balustrade and the Major Altar with the angels' groups have been realized by Sanmartino.