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Palazzo Ducale

The head office

The Military Academy of Modena derives from the Savoy Royal Academy founded on 1st September 1677 in Turin; it is the oldest institution destined to prepare the Senior Officers of the Army.


For a hundred and fifty years, thanks to the determination of the illustrious citizens in Modena Luigi Farini and Manfredo Fanti, the Modena Academy is located in the Ducal Palace of Modena, a prestigious and loved head office.


From the ancient Savoy Academy, our Institute has taken the traditions of dedication to studies (thanks to which today the Cadets get the university degree) and of excellent military education, internationally recognized, that justify the presence of foreign Cadet Officers coming from different Countries.


This website aims to present briefly the artistic peculiarities of the Palace but also the historical  elements, traditions and daily activities that are carried out inside it. For this reason it is a fact-finding instrument aiming to respond to the interest for our Institute.


Talking about the Military Academy evokes deep emotions that derive from the choice to begin a military life.


It also represents an important moment in an Officer's life because in this glorious Institute he has learnt the ethical, cultural and technical elements that permitted to become a responsible and prepared professional but especially a capable commander.

In this Institute the Officer becomes aware of the dignity and the valour of his role and function, always renewing the tenacity and placing the duties before the rights.


But the Academy also represents the place where the solidarity between the generations that studied there has been strengthened, constituting the essential part in the military life.