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Life at the Military Academy


​​​​​The Military Academy of Modena is the unique institute for the basic formation of Officers in permanent service of the Army and the Carabinieri Corps.



The Cadets are recruited through different competitions established by annually decrees. The participants have to be graduated and pass selection tests with specific mark:

  • pre-selection written test;
  • physical efficiency test;
  • psycho-physical assessment;
  • aptitude test;
  • written test in Italian;
  • English language assessment;
  • written test of cultural assessment in biology, chemistry and physics (only for the Medical Corps);
  • oral test in mathematics;
  • optional oral test in foreign language;
  • internship.

  • pre-selection written test;
  • physical efficiency test;
  • written test in Italian;
  • psycho-physical assessment;
  • aptitude test;
  • oral test on the subjects indicated by the attachment of the competition announcement;
  • optional oral test in foreign language;
  • internship.


    Educational paths


    For the purposes of the Institute, the Military Academy organizes and manages specific courses of different duration.


    Two-year courses:

    • Different Corps of the Army;
    • Transports and Materials Corps;
    • Administrative Corps;
    • Carabinieri Corps.

    The studies continue until the university degree at the Application Schools of Turin and Rome.

    Three-year courses:

    • Engineer Corps (first Engineer level degree and other two eventual years, until the second level degree at the Application School and Military Study Institute of Turin).


    Five-year courses:

    • university degree in Veterinary, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies.


    Six-year courses:

    • university degree in Medicine and Surgery.


    Courses for Officers:

    • Administrative Corps;
    • Medical Corps;
    • Engineer Corps.

    Study programs



    The subjects, the practical disciplines are organized in thematic block for the basic and specialized education.

    Military Ethics and Art of Command aims to increase the valours that characterize the military condition, inspiring the correct behaviour ( attachment to the institutions, spirit of service, sense of honour, etc.) but also developing the capabilities necessary to the commanders in the management and administration of the available human, material and financial resources.

    University Studies to qualify the Senior Officer of the Armed Forces through the following degrees:

    • Strategical Sciences for Officers of different Corps, of the Administrative Corps and of the Trasports and Materials Corps;
    • Law for Officers of the Carabinieri Corps;
    • Engineer for Officers of the Engineer Corps of the Army;
    • Medicine and Surgery, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, in Veterinary for Officers of the Medical Corps.

    Technical-Professional Studies for the education of Officers according to their specific employment.

    In particular:

    • weapons, topography, military art, English and NATO vocabulary;
    • topography and cartography, political science, mechanics, fluodynamics and economic engineer (Strategical Sciences);
    • professional technique and Corps History (for the Carabinieri Corps).

    Gymnastic-sport activities to develop capabilities, physical appearance and attitude in basic disciplines (gymnastic, personal defence, swimming, equitation, sport shooting, MCM), in addition to other optional activities (basketball, volleyball, athletics, judo, etc). The best students are chosen to become part of the Military Academy Sport Group.









    Swimming pool

    Equitation Centre



    Military Training that starts with the Internship and goes on with two-year university course; it aims to reach the following training goals:

    • 1st year: qualification of the Cadet Officer as Squadron Commander;
    • 2nd year: qualification of the Cadet Officer as Patrol Commander.

    The training activities are organized in different ways according to the Corps of the Cadets, with tactical weeks and specific technical-professional Modules.

    In particular, during the tactical weeks (one week for each Course in February) there are the following activities:

    • shooting with weapons;
    • individual combat training;
    • works on battlefield;
    • orienteering.

    The technical-professional Module of the 1st year aims to complete the professional education and it is divided into:

    • 1st phase (4 weeks): training to the Unit Commander;
    • 2nd phase (4 weeks): training of the soldier in particular contexts (mountain, forests and residential area);
    • licence to the parachuting (4 weeks) at the Parachuting Training Centre (CAPAR) in Pisa;
    • English Course and driving school course.

    The technical-professional Module of the 2nd year is organized in:

    • “Selected Patrolmen” course;
    • patrol exercice (July), as final test after the two years in Modena.

    "Complementary" activities

    In order to integrate and complete the training, the Cadet Officers participate in several cultural activities inside or outside the Academy (conferences, conventions, seminars, etc.) but also socialite or sport events.

                CADET'S DAILY ROUTINE
    Getting up.​06,30 a.m.  
    ​​Bathe and tidying up06,30 a.m.-07,20 a.m.
    1st breakfast07,25 a.m.07,45 a.m.
    Medical examination07,50 a.m.  
    Flag-raising ceremony08,00 a.m.  
    At the disposal of the Commanders 08,00 a.m.-08,20 a.m.
    Lessons (3 periods)08,20 a.m.-10,55 a.m.
    Break10,55 a.m.-11,10 a.m.
    Lessons (3 periods)11,10 a.m.-01,45 p.m.
    2nd breakfast01,50 p.m.-02,20 p.m.
    Medical examination02,20 p.m.-
    Lessons (3​ periods)02,30 p.m.-5,00 p.m.
    At the disposal of the Officers, study time, leave, gymnastic-sport activities5,00 p.m.-07,45 p.m.
    Lunch​08,00 p.m.-08,30 p.m
    At the disposal of the Officers, study time, leave, gymnastic-sport activities08,30 p.m.-10,30 p.m.
    Retire10,30 p.m.  
    Second roll call10,45 p.m.  
    Silence11​,0​0 p.m.