Lieutenant General

Lorenzo D'Addario was born in 1964 in Florence. In 1980 he joined the Military College in Naples. After graduation at the Military Academy in Modena, he was posted to the 'Folgore' Airborne Brigade, in Tuscany.

His regimental duties in the Parachute Infantry include three years as Rifle Platoon Commander and four years as Commander 11th Rifle Company in the period 1988-95, during which he deployed to Operation Provide Comfort, in Northern Iraq, to the Military Support to Civilian Authorities Operation in Sicily and to the United Nations Operation in Somalia II.

From 1995 to1996 he attended the Army Staff College, and was subsequently assigned to the Army General Staff, Operations Branch, as Doctrine Staff Officer. In 1997 he attended Advanced Command and Staff Course 1 at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, in Bracknell, UK. Upon graduation, in 1998, he took the exchange position of Staff Officer Training in HQ 3 (UK) Division. With the Division he deployed in Summer1999 to Operation Joint Guardian in Kosovo, in the earliest phases of the Kosovo Force.

He returned to Rome in 2000, as Staff Officer in the Army General Staff, Training and Doctrine Branch. In 2001 he was sent to the nascent NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy, in Solbiate Olona, near Milan, as Military Assistant to the Commander until NATO certification.

He took command of 5 Parachute Battalion in 2003 and in 2004 deployed as Battalion Commander, Multinational Brigade South-West, Kosovo Force, as part of Operation Decisive Endeavour, a period that saw several unrests throughout Kosovo.

In late 2004 he was appointed Chief of the Staff Operations Section, Office of the Deputy Chief of Defence Italy and in 2005 was appointed Military Assistant to Commander Joint Operations HQ. In 2007 was posted to Norfolk, USA, as Executive Assistant to NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation.

In 2010 took over Command of 186 Parachute Regiment in Siena, and in 2011 deployed to Afghanistan, in the Districts of Bakwa and Gulistan, Farah Province, as Commander Task Force South-East, ISAF Regional Command West.

In 2012 he was appointed Deputy Chief Land Transformation Department of the Army General Staff.

From Mar 13 to Feb 15, he was Commander 'Folgore' Airborne Brigade, overseeing its transformation.

In Feb 15 he was appointed Deputy Head, Plans and Policy Division, Italian Defence General Staff, in charge of Strategic Direction and Policy on Alliances and multinational initiatives, until Nov 18.

From Nov 18 to Nov 19, he was Commander Kosovo Force XXIII.

From Apr 20 to Mar 22, he served in the United Kingdom as Deputy Commander, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) in role of NATO Warfighting Corps HQ.

He is Commander NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy since 18 May 2022.

He is married with Julia. They have two children, Elisabetta and Giovanni.