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The training activity has always been an essential element of the Armed Force because it guarantees the technical-professional and ethical competence necessary to successfully take on all the challenges and tasks assigned by the Italian Army on the national territory and in the missions abroad. This foundation rests on the professionalism of servicemen and servicewomen that is built up and modelled through an educational and training continuous efficient process in coherence with the current and future challenges.

In particular the military training is addressed to men and women in service because the human resource is the fundamental element that gives the determined contribution in case of conflict. For that reason the training activity aims to develop the human qualities that can help in taking decisions and concluding the assigned mission in extremely difficult situations during military operations. It is possible to reach the purpose by creating a context that is as realist as possible, by observing constantly the expected security measures and training the personnel to take on simultaneously difficult scenarios.

In the framework of the military training two different types of activity can be distinguished: educational and training activities. The “Education” refers to the person’s preparation and it aims to give the cultural, technical and professional competences necessary to operate as a servicemen or servicewomen. On the other hand the training activity refers to the individual and collective growth, aiming to develop capabilities and familiarity in “knowing how to do”.

The Italian Army constantly works hard to carry out joint training activities with the national and foreign Armed Forces and with International Organization in order to make the training as realistic as possible but also to acquire and maintain the know how necessary to operate in an optimal and determined way.