source: SME

Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina on official business to the British Army.

General Farina meets General Carleton-Smith, British Army Commander”.

​ The visit in U.K. of the Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, Lieutenant General Salvatore Farina, during which he met the British Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Carleton-Smith, and the highest military chiefs, ended in recent days. The business trip in England was an opportunity to share experiences and exchange of knowledge, in order to be always prepared and the most closely to new operational scenarios.

The Army Chief of Staff, with Lieutenant General Tim Radford, Major General Maurizio Boni, respectively Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) Commander and Deputy Commander, also visited the structure of the NATO Multinational Command of Innsworth, joint to NATO Rapid Deployable Corps of Solbiate Olona, attended a briefing about tasks and capabilities of the Unit, and then met Italian personnel deployed there.

Afterwards, General Farina came to Joint Services Command and Staff College of Shrivenham, where, with the expertise gained in his career, in particular as NATO Forces Commander in Kosovo, NATO and NATO Joint Force Command Commander in Brunssum (Netherlands), held a conference about operational Command and Control to Officers of Advance Command and Staff Course, equivalent to Italian Joint Services Staff Course.

The official visit ended at 3rd British Division, where, with Lieutenant General Patrick Sanders, UK Army Land Forces Commander, received a briefing by Major General Nick Borton, the Commander, about next training and operational commitments of that high-readiness Unit.

General Farina is a true expert of UK Armed Forces, country in which he served twice in the course of his career.