Salvatore Farina

Lieutenant General

The Chief of Staff of the Italian Army

In the course of his career, General Salvatore Farina has gained a wide range of experience across the institutional, operational, inter-service spectrum.  He has developed his leadership and command skills together with a profound knowledge of the Army and a genuine inter-service spirit thanks to his active role over the last 20 years in the operations and planning areas, in the relations among the Italian Armed Forces and between the Italian Defence and NATO and the EU.

Commander of detached and stand-alone Company  for 7 years, Commander of Signal Battalion deployed NATO mission in Bosnia, served as SO2 G3 at the 3rd UK Division, Chief Joint Operations Centre, Chief of Army Staff Plans Office,  Commander of Signal Brigade, Chief of Defence Staff Department Policy Strategy, Commander of NATO Forces in Kosovo – COM KFOR 18, Chief of the Army Land Forces Transformation Department,  Chairman of the Steering Committee for the implementation of the Defence White Paper.

From 4 March 2016 to 21 February 2018 General Farina was Commander of the NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum (The Netherlands). He is the first Italian Officer to have assumed the role of NATO 4 star Commander of a Joint Operations Command.

He is married to Amelia Gianna and has two daughters, Elisa e Nicoletta, and three granddaughters, Flaminia, Diletta and Mariasole.

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