source: NRDC-ITA

Held at “Ugo Mara” the first meeting of Affiliated Units Conference

More than 40 Commanders meet to discuss about  2019 activities calendar

The first Affiliated Units Conference was held at Ugo Mara Barracks for two days. The meeting collected, for the first time in one room, Commanders and representatives of all Affiliated Units to NRDC-ITA in order to provide an update about the scheduled activities for 2019. 
At the Conference there were present the 2nd Mechanised Greek Division, the 3rd UK Division, the Hungarian Infantry Battalion and the 10th Slovenian Infantry Battalion. Furthermore, representatives belonging to the Italian Army High Commands and subordinate units convened together with the Divisional Commanders of “Acqui” and “Friuli”, Major General Lamanna and Polli and Commanders of many Brigades.
It was highlighted the wide range of training opportunities provided by the HQs and underlined the pivotal importance of an adequate preparation in order to achieve the needed integration. It was, then, stressed the importance of interoperability and the corresponding capability requirements. Finally, the guidance for upcoming year was to undergo an intensive program, including individual training opportunities, workshop, battle staff and collective training.