source: KFOR

The Italian soldiers of the Multinational Battle Group West in joint operational activity with the Serbian Armed Forces.

Joint patrol with the Serbian Armed Forces in Kosovo

The Multinational Battle Group-West (MNBG-W) of the Kosovo Force (KFOR), led by the Italian 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment of the "Julia" Alpine Brigade, has recently participated in a joint patrol with the Serbian Armed Forces along the Administrative Boundary Line between Kosovo and Serbia.

The periodical operational activity is part of a project for the control of the territory aiming to monitor the situation near the border areas and prevent potential illegal activities, according to the UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

A similar cooperation activity is carried out with the Kosovan Security Forces that are the first responsible for the security near the border areas in the municipality of Istok, in the western part of the region, the MNBG-W area of responsibility.

Soldiers of Austria, Italy, Moldavia and Slovenia constitute the Command and the maneuvre multinational Battalion of the Multinational Battle Group West led by Italy. The maneuvre Battalion has to monitor and protect the Decani Monastery as first responder, but also to control the freedom of movement in western Kosovo and to realize CIMIC (Civil and Military Cooperation) projects aiming to improve the services for the Kosovan population, particularly in the medical and educational field.