Phase two of exercise “Brilliant Ledger” is closed. “Ariete” Brigade certified as combat ready for VJTF.

Combat readiness certified by NATO evaluators

​Phase two of exercise “Brilliant Ledger” ended last Sunday, with the achievement of combat readiness for “Ariete” Brigade, certified by a NATO evaluators’ delegation, present on the ground.
The activity, developed at “Ugo Mara” barracks in Solbiate, “La Comina” in Pordenone and at Bellinzago Novarese training areas, was directed by Division General Maurizio Boni, Commander of the Simulation and Validation Center (Ce.Si.Va) of Civitavecchia, with the assistance of a multi-national organization, with personnel from 15 NATO Nations and coming from 19 national and 14 foreign Units.
The aim of the exercise was to verify the ability of NRDC IT and “Ariete” Brigade to plan and conduct high intensity operations in a very complex operational scenario, as Land Component of the NATO rapid reaction force package, offered by Italy to the Atlantic Alliance for 2018.
b 132nd Armoured Brigade “Ariete” was certified as Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) Land Brigade of the Atlantic Alliance.
The exercise, with the active participation of foreign military personnel coming from countries that join VJTF commitment as Spain, Albania, Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary and Slovenia, was developed through a simulation of very difficult tactical activations, aimed at testing Command Post capability to lead, coordinate and control, during high intense operations, an Allied Joint Task Force. In addition, specific procedures adopted by Command Post were validated; the Brigade demonstrated to be able to integrate, during operational process, allied units and personnel.

Besides “Ariete” Brigade Command, that set up on the ground its projectable PC, assets from other affiliated and not units, part of the VJTF force package, were involved in the activity. Also present watchkeepers from German Brigade (scheduled for VJTF in 2019), NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC-ITA), Northern Operational Forces Command and “Friuli” Division Command and Ce.Si.Va. provided the Exercise Control (EXCON).

During the exercise, Units received a visit from NRDC-ITA Commander, responsible for eNRF (enhanced NATO Response Force) Land Component command and control and from “Friuli” Division Commander.
“Brilliant Ledger” represents the finalization of a hard and complex training process that “Ariete” Brigade carried out in order to be well prepared for this new challenge and, in general, to comply with diversified tasks at Home and abroad.
A commitment still in place, with great efforts from the Army and “Ariete” will continue to deal with, ensuring the maintaining of operation capability, through the implementation of preparation and execution, in the next few months, of further important exercises.