source: KFOR

Transfer of authority for the Multinational Battle Group West of the Kosovo Force.

Colonel Imperia transfers the MNBG-W Command to Colonel Ceruzzi

The ceremony for the transfer of authority between the 32nd Tanks Regiment of Tauriano (PN) and the 3rd Land Artillery Regiment of Remanzacco (UD) has taken place at "Villaggio Italia" Camp. Colonel Stefano Imperia has left the Multinational Battle Group West  (MNBG-W), the multinational unit with Italian leadership operating in the western area of Kosovo on the framework of the Kosovo Force (KFOR), in favour of Colonel Enzo Ceruzzi.

In the Operational Theatre the servicepersons of the 32nd Tanks Regiment have carried out 1,463 patrols as well as 6,475 observing post and 2,917 motorized patrols, for about 172,475 km in total. During its mandate the MNBG-W has also realized several projects of civil-military cooperation aiming to support and improve the life conditions of the local population. More than 109 meetings have been organized with the civil and religious local authorities but also many donations of material and school equipment, games for children and medicines in collaboration with some Italian donors.

The transfer of authority has been officiated by the Ambassador of Italy in Kosovo H. E. Piero Cristoforo Sardi, the KFOR Commander Major General Giovanni Fungo and the Chief of General Staff of the Joint Forces Operational Command (COI) Major General Gaetano Zauner, along with many civil, military and religious authorities. In his speech, General Fungo has expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the 32nd Regiment and wished the 3rd Regiment a good luck for its work. The artillerymen of the "Julia" Brigade will continue to carry out their duties maintaining the leadership of the multinational unit that also includes Slovenian, Austrian and Moldavian servicepersons.