source: Army General Staff

Since 1861 the Italian Army has been proud to serve the country with the same spirit and the same values as always.

The Italian Army there is today, was there in the past and It'll there is ever,for you and with you

​The history of Italian Army, although having roots much farther and deeper in time, began on May 4, 1861, when a measure by the Minister of War Manfredo Fanti decreed the end of the Sardinian Army and the birth of the Italian Army. The contribution made by all Italians who have had the honour of serving their country in Army uniforms is immeasurable and continues even today in this delicate period, which sees the Armed Forces on the first line to contain the spread of the Covid-19.

In this particular period, not being able to honor this date with any ceremony, in compliance with the current legal provisions, in a video message on the social networks of the Army, the Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Salvatore Farina addressing all Italians said: "We are soldiers, women and men of the Italian Army, we are truly proud to serve our country; the Army there is today, has been there in the past, and will always be there, for you and with you.

During his speech, Liuthant General Farina wanted to underline how in all these years the values of homeland love, responsibility, altruism, justice and freedom transmitted by those who preceded us have remained intact over time and are also the heritage of today's soldiers who carry out their daily duty in Italy and abroad.

Today the Army has about 2750 soldiers deployed in most important international missions and over 15 countries, among Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, kosovo, Lybia, Somaly, Niger, Mali, and many more international missions with many duties from development cooperation and support to stabilisation and reconstruction processes, training local security forces, called also "Security Force Assistance (SFA).

In Italy the italian army has increased about to 7500 soldiers udes to "Safe Streets" operation, They work with italian law forces to controll italian land, They were also intended to ensure compliance with the rules put in place by the government authorities, in order to contain the spread of Covid 19.

A commitment of the Army, which highlights the exceptional preparation and competence of all its men and women who, through training based on the spirit of sacrifice and dedication to their work, supply at the Terrestrial Military Instrument, both advanced combat capabilities on the ground, and extraordinary possibilities of intervention, at home or abroad, in emergency and public utility situations.

The Army is a reassuring presence, demanded loudly by all citizens and local administrators, especially at this particular time that sees the Army employed on various fronts such as the sanitization and sanitation of public buildings, health care residences and roads in various municipalities of Italy, a contribution that would not have been possible without constant preparation and training over time.

The Army continues to guarantee its support to the National Civil Protection, for the distribution not only of health equipment and personal protective equipment but also food for the most needy citizens. A moment of difficulty that is highlighting the particular qualities of altruism and generosity of the soldiers of the Army, who have mobilized for the collection of materials and food items highlighting a very strong sense of civic duty that distinguishes them.

A valuable contribution is made in this emergency, especially by the approximately 200 to 260 Army doctors and nurses, who are constantly working in various military and civilian facilities in Italy, to relieve the burden of the pandemic on local health companies. By the way, an important Covid-Hospital was recently inaugurated at the Policlinico militare Celio in Rome, thanks to the great contribution of our soldiers of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Italian Army in this date remember its 159 years old to serve the Italy, It's a principal italian Istitution, It's created on a etic values, in support to citizens and with capabilities to adapted in every time, Italian Army is a armed force every ready and efficiently based on the human element and new technologies. never before like in this time our thanks at every soldier is so special!