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Post Conflict Operations Study Centre

​The Post Conflict Operations Study Centre (PCOSC) is a component of the “Comando per la Formazione e Scuola di Applicazione dell’Esercito”, located in the city of Torino, “Città di Torino” Compound, Via Confienza n. 16.

The Centre is involved in two main areas of activity:

  • research, study and development of Post-Conflict Operations issues (doctrine);

  • education and training of military and civilian personnel.

In particular, with regard to doctrine work, the Centre is responsible for:

  • developing a national doctrine on Post Conflict Operations, as well as verifying and validating related supporting concept;

  • contributing to the improvement of education and training as well as interoperability and capabilities of the Italian Army;

  • fostering exchange of experiences with similar national and international Centres;

  • developing policies and concepts for the national military structure, as well as defining the operational requirements supporting the Defence planning process.

In the area of education and training the Centre organizes courses designed for military and civilian personnel, belonging to national and foreign organizations, up to Executive level, in order to:

  • improve their preparation and performances;

  • develop synergy among different expertise;

  • increase knowledge of mutual roles and competences, thus fostering cooperation in the field.

The PCOSC also contributes to the development of the planning process, giving expert advice on specific matters.

The Centre is linked to other similar institutes around the world, operating within NATO and other Armed Forces, with Universities, national and foreign Institutes as well as Bureaus and Agencies of the United Nations, as far as Stabilization and Reconstruction operations are concerned.​