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Study and Doctrine


Studies undertaken by the Centre’s researchers

  • Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT).

  • The employment of Selected Force Specialists.

  • CIMIC Land Component engagement in Stabilizat​ion and Reconstruction operations.

  • Counter-insurgency activities.

  • Guidelines for operations in the presence of child soldiers.

  • Anti-corruption in Stabilization and Reconstruction scenarios.

  • The Comprehensive Approach (CA) e the National Multidimensional Approach in Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations.

  • Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Stabilization and Reconstruction environment.

  • S9/G9 Field Manual.

Research projects carried out by trainees

  • Child Soldiers.

  • Nation-Building in Macedonia.

  • Media and Armed Forces.

  • Corruption: an inhibiting factor for the re-establishment of the governance in a post-conflict stabilization context – case study “Afghanistan”.

  • NATO Comprehensive Approach (CA): Civil-Military interactions and integration.

  • Security Sector Reform (SSR) in a stabilization and reconstruction (S&R) context of a post-conflict environment, with particular reference to Libya.

  • Leadership transition in Afghanistan.

The above mentioned studies can be consulted at the request of the persons concerned, upon contact to

e-mail:​ – Tel. 0039 011 56034635​