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Stabilization and Reconstruction Orientation Course (SROC)


The course is held in the premises of the IT Army - Comando per la Forma​zione e Scuola di Applicazione dell’Esercito and it is managed by the Director of the PCOSC. It draws on a unique military expertise coming from the experiences gained during the major current military operations and civilian missions, in particular the ones where the Italian Armed Forces are involved. Subject Matter Experts coming from the academic world and other qualified civilian sectors (Ministries, Law Enforcement Agencies, International Organizations, NGOs, think tank institutes, etc.) add to the course their unique perspective, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of S&R.

The aim is to provide the participants with a wide knowledge of the Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations (S&R), to improve their understanding of complex post conflict operational scenarios and the diversified instruments for intervention and management (kinetic and non-kinetic), in compliance with the concept of “Comprehensive Approach”.

Classes are limited to 45 people. Fluent English required. The course takes place once a year (in June), it lasts 2 weeks (10 working days) and is open to Italian and foreign military and Police officers (rank: Maj. and Lt. Col.) and to Italian and foreign Civilian functionaries of the Ministries of Defence, personnel working in International Organizations, NGOs, Universities, firms as well as professionals and graduate students interested in disciplines pertaining to Post Conflict activities.

Course structure

The course includes:

  • conferences and workshops held by high profile militaty experts and university professors;

  • exchange of experiences on Stabilization and Reconstruction with foreign Centres of Excellence operating in the same field;

  • analysis of “major case studies”;

  • negotiation exercise.

Overall programme

The following lesson plans will be developed:

  • 1st Lesson plan: The current geo-strategic scenario;

  • 2nd Lesson plan: The multifaceted S&R environment;

  • 3rd Lesson plan: Case Study.


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