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Education programs

​​The “Post Conflict Operations Study Centre” holds the following educational and training activities:

  • a “Stabilization and Reconstruction Management Senior Course (Senior Course)” devoted to military and police senior Officers (ranking Generals and Colonels) and Civilians (Executives), both national and foreigner, aimed to enhance the level of mutual knowledge, co-operation and interoperability amongst the international actors involved in different crisis areas;​​

  • a “Stabilization and Reconstruction Orientation Course (Junior Course)” dedicated to military and police personnel (Majors and Lt. Colonels) and Civilians (Officials), both nationals and foreigners, having the same purpose of the Senior course but characterized by a more pragmatic approach;

  • Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and Law Of Armed Conflict (LOAC) Common Modules

    The courses are open both to Officers/Cadets attending military Academies of EU countries, and students attending the Laurea degree course in Strategic Sciences (First and Second Cycle). The courses are preceded by a 4 weeks e-learning period, conducted by tutors. University credits (2 CFU or 2 ECTS) are granted to students who successfully complete the course;

  • Curricular internships for students attending the Strategic Sciences course (PhD level) organized by the University of Turin. Students develop studies about various topics related to the Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations. The internships last two months and grant university credits;

  • Lessons and seminars on Stabilization & Reconstruction to Army Staff Courses, Reserve Officers courses and other military courses, National Universities and Study Centres;

  • Training modules provided to other bodies such as the Army Officers School of Turin and UN Institutes.


The courses organized by the PCO Study Centre include conferences, workshops, role plays and analysis of case studies. Each conference, besides developing a large number of aspects concerning a specific theme, embraces a case study. Ad hoc sessions are dedicated to analysing major case studies. Workshops developed under the supervision of PCOSC tutors allow to deepen notions and share information. The active participation of the attendants is strongly encouraged. The collaboration with the partners of the Centre, among which, in particular, the one with the US Army PKSOI, enriches some of the educational paths. A video conference with the PKSOI is organized, within the S&R courses, to debate about a shared subject.


PCOCS Courses are usually held in English.​