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University courses

Degree courses in Strategic Sciences

The degree courses are organized according to particular conventions between the Application School and Institute of Military Studies of the Army, the Military Academy of Modena and the Universities in Turin, Modena and Reggio Emilia); even civil personnel can attend these courses.

The new educational path is for almost all the Officers coming from the Military Academy of Modena that have concluded the first three years or all the five years in Strategic Sciences.

The Degree Course in Strategic Sciences involves the University of Turin, the University of Modena and that of Reggio Emilia; the subjects are different and refer to different Faculties (Mathematic, Physical and Natural Sciences, Law, Economics, Political Sciences and Engineer). The aim is to create a professional figure with competences in different cultural fields.

It is important to consider the number of the Officers that attend the courses in the Institute every year: they are about 1,000.

Here there are some data referred to a year of the Course in Strategic Sciences:

  • 350 Officers;

  • 80 civilian students;

  • 170 students that get the degree every year.

The current educational path aims to train professional servicepersons that are capable to operate in the national and international land units, in command positions and in juridical-administrative positions; there are three didactical paths:

Political - Organizational:

it gives the students the specific knowledge about complex organizations (it is only for Officers of the Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery);


it gives the opportunity to understand the impact of the new technologies on the implementation of the tasks assigned (it is for the Officers of the Engineer, Signals and Transport and Materials);


it is for Officers expert in the law field and in the administrative procedures of specific interest.

The Second Level Degree is organized into five different courses:

  • in Strategic and Political-Organizational Sciences;

  • in Strategic Sciences of Communication;

  • in Strategic Sciences and Infrastructural Systems;

  • in Strategic and Logistics Sciences;

  • in Strategic Economic-Administrative Sciences.

All the Officers have to speak correctly almost one foreign language and have a basic level in a second language.

Degree Course of first and second level in Engineer

Some Officers of the Academy attend in Modena the Degree Course in Engineer.