source: Army General Staff

With the arrival of vehicles and personnel of the Garibaldi Brigade in Qatar, the largest exercise for heavy units of 2019 began.

Italian Army and Qatar: more together!

​Thanks to the landing operations and the first integration training activities, in the area of Al Ghalail, the NASR 2019 exercise started with Qatar units. In particular, the activity will see the Garibaldi Brigade and other assets of the Army train with the 2nd Brigade of the Qatar Land Forces.

The exercise represents the high point of an intense activity of cooperation between the two countries in order to maintain the mutual relations of friendship and collaboration. For this reason they have started an intense exchange of visits and joint trainings that will see their culmination in the performance of a complex tactical activity conducted by heavy units in a desert environment with the use of multi-armed Task Force and Command Posts that will operate jointly and in a conventional scenario.

The main purpose of this important training event is to increase the level of integration and interoperability of the units, improving both the procedures to be taken in the Command Posts area and the employment process which regard the units involved.

The importance of NASR 2019 is not limited to the training event, but also represents an important opportunity for the Army where the different staff have the possibility to plan and organize a structured training event also in logistical terms (considering the 3800 km that separate Italy from Qatar) and administrative in the drafting of complex technical agreements between the parties.

800 Italian Army soldiers and 1,400 Qatar soldiers will work on the ground for about 20 days, using "Ariete" and "Centaur" tanks, Self-propelled howitzer PzH 2000, Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), "Lince" Light Multirole Tactical Vehicle (LMTV), Multi-role Medium Tactical Vehicle (MMTV) “Orso” and VBM “Freccia” as well as Force Protection assets and battlefield surveillance.