source: COMFOP Nord

The unit's war flag saluted on departure by the Commander of Operations Forces North.

Commander of Operational Forces North greets the War Flag as it departs for Lebanon

In the last few days, the Commander of the Northern Operational Forces, General of the Army Corps Roberto Perretti, greeted the War Flag of the "Serenissima" lagoon regiment, which is leaving for Lebanon, where it will be employed in the Operation “LEONTE XXXI”.

The Major Officer was welcomed by the Regimental Commander, Colonel Claudio Guaschino who, together with a group of Lagunari, departed from Venice's Marco Polo airport to join the unit already deployed in theatre.

The unit will operate within the UNIFIL mission, with the task of enforcing UN Resolution 1701, in particular by ensuring daily control and monitoring of the cessation of hostilities, through checkpoints and observation, patrolling activities, in cooperation with the Lebanese Armed Forces, in the coastal area south of the city of Tyre and along the Blue Line.

The lagoon regiment will be the Headquarters of "Italbatt" within UNIFIL's Sector West, led by the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" Cavalry Brigade. ​