Taurinense Brigade unit will form the Italian contingent in the Balkan country.

Taurinense Brigade unit will form Italian contingent in Balkan country

​The Abruzzi Alpine soldiers of the 9th regiment, stationed in L'Aquila, are leaving for Kosovo, where they will assume, in about ten days, the leadership of Regional Command West, taking over from Piedmont Cavalry, as part of Operation "Joint Enterprise," the largest NATO operation currently in place.

The black feathers of Abruzzo, belonging to the Alpine Brigade "Taurinense," after having completed last December the whole training process will leave in the coming days to reach the Kosovo theater of operations, bringing back their War Flag to the Balkans. The Alpine soldiers of the Ninth Regiment have been preparing since last September, when they were deployed in Civitavecchia, Italy, in the "Orion 2/2022" exercise, aimed at validating the Italian staff that will make up the Regional Command West and will be based in Belo Polje, a small town not far from Pec. Subsequently, they participated in the multinational exercise KFOR31, held in Germany, as part of a mission reharsal exercise based precisely on the Kosovo scenario. Then, in October and November, the operational component exercised, obtaining validation following the multiarmed exercises "Scorpion 4/2022" and "Laran 2022", in which other assets belonging to the Alpine Brigade "Taurinense" also participated.

Under the command of Colonel Mario Bozzi, Regimental Commander, the Abruzzi Alpine troops will assume responsibility for the western part of Kosovo, also ensuring the security of the Decane Monastery, the largest medieval church in the Balkans containing the best preserved fresco of Byzantine origins to date and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.

As part of the Regional Command West, composed of different nations - Austria, Croatia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey as well as Italy - the Abruzzi Alpine troops will be tasked with ensuring security, stability and freedom of movement in their area of operation, in accordance with the provisions of UN Resolution 1244 of 1999, thus facilitating the process of dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo promoted by the European Union.