In the Italian Army fantery school of Lecce are trained for qatar officers on the Cavalry platform.

Finished the course on the means of the Cavalry Weapon for personnel of the Army of Qatar.

​On the basis of the project for "stranger military personnel allowed to take part in courses at Italian Army military institutions", same days ago is finisched the specialty course on tank "Aries" and Armored Army "Centaur", started last September 23, organized in favor of six officers of the Army of the Emirate of Qatar.

The formation lasted eight weeks, with about 250 lectures, in this period of time the officers participating have know the most important Cavelry vehicles ed their uses, to acquire the knowledge and the ability to use the systems of edge of the tank "Aries" and the Armored Army "Centauro", carry out practical activities of handling, maintenance and use of the equipment of the platforms and carry out shooting lessons with SAAB Simulator BT-46.

The delivery of attendance certificates by the Commander of the Institute, Brigadier General Claudio Dei, took place during a ceremony, in the presence of the civil and military authorities of the territory.