The Grand Army Unit has obtained NATO certification to operate within the framework of the Atlantic Alliance countries' activities.

The activity is based on agreements with NATO, whereby Italy undertakes to provide military forces at a high state of readiness

​The "Red-hot Steel 22" exercise, in which the men and women of the "Garibaldi" Bersaglieri Brigade took part, ended a few days ago at the Persano military training area.

The unit, included in the NATO Response Force (NRF) and NATO Readiness Initiative (NRI) for 2023, underwent NATO validation by a team of national evaluators from the 'Acqui' Division, supplemented by foreign observers from the Allied Land Command, based in Izmir, Turkey.

Assessors and observers examined the operational capabilities in planning and conducting warfighting operations, in order to certify the level of combat readiness.

At the Brigade Command Post deployed in Persano (SA), the Commander and staff practised by simulating operating in an operational scenario, developing, in particular, the theme of an offensive action through the reaction to multiple activations, ensuring command and control capability also through the establishment of an advanced tactical command post enucleated from the main command post.

In parallel, at the Capo Teulada polygon in Sardinia, the "Garibaldi" units conducted the "Red Autumn 2022" exercise. Both exercises were designed to consolidate the ability to operate in close coordination with each other, during the day and at night.

At the end of the drill, the Deputy Commander of the COMFOTER COE, Gen. D. Franco Federici, visiting the Brigade Command Post deployed in Persano, handed over to the Commander of the "Garibaldi", Gen. B. Mario Ciorra, the formal certification of NATO validation, obtained at the end of CREVAL.