source: KFOR

Two days of joint training for military personnel from Regional Command West.

Interoperability, training and comparison of technical and tactical procedures in Kosovo

Regional Command West's Manoeuvre Battalion soldiers today concluded a two-day joint training exercise at the former Gjakova airport.

The multinational Manoeuvre Battalion, consisting of four companies staffed by personnel of seven nationalities, carried out crowd control, riot control activities, freedom of movement exercises and operations to secure sensitive targets; check-point, belt and search activities were also conducted for people and materials potentially dangerous to the conduct of the KFOR mission.

Interoperability between the various multinational components, continuous training, familiarisation and confrontation on the different technical and tactical procedures for the consolidation of operational capabilities, are the objectives underlying the main tasks of the soldiers of Regional Command West: to ensure the security of the Decane Monastery and monitor freedom of movement in the western sector of Kosovo.​