source: Stato Maggiore Esercito

Italian Army and Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) together toward the Rugby World Cup. The Italian team will practice with the Army troops during summer.

Memorandum of understanding signed between the Italian Army and FIR

​The Italian Army and the Italian Rugby Federation have signed a partnership agreement today, outlining a path of mutual cooperation and promotion throughout 2023. They will collaborate for the Guinness Six Nations Championship matches in Italy and for the Rugby World Cup 2023, which will be held in France in autumn.

The three-year partnership was signed at Rome Pio IX Officers' Club by FIR President Marzio Innocenti and Lieutenant General Gaetano Zauner, Army Deputy Chief of Staff.

FIR and the Italian Army have cooperated in previous occasions, like the launches of Paratroopers Brigade “Folgore” in Rome, or the national team’s training sessions hosted at the Army facilities in Turin. This partnership will bring consistency to a relationship based on a strong sharing of values.

This memorandum of understanding involves the Italian Army’s active participation in the pre-game ceremony for Italy vs. Wales, scheduled on match-day four of the Six Nations Championship (Saturday 11th March). An Army dedicated booth will be located inside the “Terzo Tempo Village”, close to the stadium.

This relationship will go further, by actively supporting the national team’s training for the Rugby World Cup: starting in spring, the team led by Kieran Crowley will be involved in team building practices within specialised units of the Army; during summer, a number of athletes selected by the coaching staff will have the opportunity to take part in mountain environment training sessions, supervised by instructors from the Alpine troops.

Fairness, altruism, compliance with the rules, teamwork: these are the values shared and promoted by the Army and the world of Rugby, with the aim of spreading them throughout our society.

Marzio Innocenti, President of the Italian Rugby Federation, commented: “There is no need to stress the strong similarity of values between Italian Rugby Federation and Italian Army, two institutions extremely focused on the human factor. We share common goals: making our fellow citizens proud; being the best ambassadors for the Italian flag in the world; providing an outstanding example for the Italian people, taking active part in their lives.

In the next three years, we will be able to share expertise and borrow good training practices from each other, supporting the basic activities wherever necessary. In the short term, we will provide the national team the opportunity to experiment an important occasion of training alongside our Army".

The Army Deputy Chief of Staff commented: “Rugby is an inclusive sport, where the athletes have different roles and characteristics. The same occurs in the Italian Army, where a group of several elements work together to achieve an objective”.