source: COMFOP Nord

 Preparation and training, the centre of gravity for the efficiency and readiness of the Aries.

132nd “Ariete” Armoured Brigade - framework for the NATO Readiness Initiative (NRI) in 2021/2022

​The "Allied Knight 22" exercise, carried out as part of the NATO Readiness Initiative (NRI) activities, ended a few days ago at the "Mittica" Barracks, headquarters of the 132nd Armoured Brigade "Ariete".

The Allied Knight 22 is part of a training path launched in the second half of 2020, which aims to implement cooperation and interoperability among contributing nations, through planning, training and exercises.

The aim of Allied Knight 22 was the mutual knowledge of domestic and foreign personnel, the amalgamation with the correct, unequivocal and coordinated implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Standard Operating Instruction (SOI) in force, as a prerequisite for the upcoming exercises.

The 132nd Armoured Brigade "Ariete" - a large combat unit framework for the NRI in the years 2021/2022 - has both national and foreign units from NATO countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey and Hungary. Further training activities are planned for June and October.