Claudio Mora

Lieutenant General

LTG Claudio MORA was born in Guastalla, Italy.
Upon graduating at the Italian Army Academy (Course 157), he received his commission as Second Lieutenant in Mountain Artillery (1977).
At the end of the course at the School of Applied Military Studies in Turin (1977-1979), he was assigned to the ‘Asiago’ Mountain Artillery Battalion in Dobbiaco, near Bolzano. While there, he held several positions in the regimental batteries and battalion, including as Battery Executive Officer, Battery Commander and Battalion Operations Officer.
Following the successful completion of the Army Staff College in 1990, he was posted to the Headquarters, ‘Tridentina’ Mountain Brigade in Bressanone, near Bolzano, where he served as Operations Officer.
After the Joint Staff College course, he was reassigned to the 4th Mountain Corps in Bolzano as Personnel Officer. Later, he commanded the ‘Bergamo’ Artillery Battalion in Silandro, near Bolzano.
Then he moved back to Bressanone, where he served as Chief of Staff, ‘Tridentina’ Mountain Brigade.
He was also CO, 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment in Tolmezzo, Udine, from October 1999 to August 2000. His next assignment required him to go back to Bolzano, where he served as Deputy Chief of Staff (Support), Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations) and, eventually, Chief of Staff, Mountain Troops Headquarters.
On 23rd September 2005, he took command of the ‘Julia’ Mountain Brigade and of the Multinational Land Force (MLF).
From November 21st, 2005 to May 15th, 2006 he deployed on Operation ‘Joint Enterprise’ in Kosovo, where he also was CG, Multinational Brigade South-West, Kosovo Force.
On August 31st of the same year, he moved back to Bolzano to take the office of Chief of Staff, Mountain Troops Headquarters. On February 27th, 2009, he became the Deputy Commander of Mountain Troops.
From September 2009 to October 2010 he deployed to Afghanistan as Deputy Chief of Staff (Stability) at ISAF HQ and Italian Senior Representative.
On November 3rd, 2010 he was appointed Deputy Commander, 1st Defence Forces Command and CG, Division “Mantova”.
MG Mora was reassigned to the Italian Army General Staff in Rome in 2012, where he served as Deputy Head of the Military Personnel Department and then as Head of the same Department.
Since November 4th, 2016 he is the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Italian Army.
His awards and decorations include:
  • the title of ‘Commander’ of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic,
  • the Mauritian Medal for Long Meritorious Military Service,
  • the Silver Medal of Merit for Long Command,
  • the Gold Cross for Long Military Service,
  • the Italian Commemorative Cross for Peacekeeping Operations (Afghanistan),
  • the Commemorative Medal for Rescue Operations (on the occasion of the flooding in Piedmont),
  • the Commemorative Medal for Public Security for the “Riace” Operation in Calabria,
  • the Commemorative Cross for Peace Operations (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • the UN Medal for Peacekeeping Operations (Kosovo),
  • the NATO Medal for the mission in Afghanistan (ISAF),
  • the German Bronze Medal for Peacekeeping Operations abroad,
  • the Bulgarian Second Class Meritorious Cross,
  • the Spanish Commemorative Medal for Peacekeeping Operations,
  • the US Legion of Merit,
  • the Bulgarian Medal for service fidelity,
  • the Hungarian ‘Alliance Service Medal’,
  • the US Campaign Medal (Afghanistan).
Lieutenant General Claudio MORA is married to Mrs. Daniela MODOLO and they have a daughter, Astrid.