Giuseppenicola Tota

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General Giuseppenicola TOTA was born on 4th May 1960 in Corato (Bari).

Since 1979 he attended the 161st Military Academy Course in Modena and on 1st September 1981 he was appointed infantry Second Lieutenant. Then he attended the Application School until 1983 when he was appointed First Lieutenant of Bersaglieri. He carried out duties as platoon and company commander; he was also Chief of the OAI (Operations, Training and Information) Office at the 3rd Bersaglieri Battalion (“Ariete” Division – “Garibaldi” Brigade) in Pordenone. He was platoon commander (167th course) and company commander (172nd course) at the Military Academy.

He attended the 118th General Staff Course and the 118th General Staff Upper Course at the War School in Civitavecchia. In 1996 he attended the 2nd course at the Higher Institute of Joint Forces General Staff in Rome and in 2003-2004 the Army War College in the United States.

At the General Staff of the Army he was:
  • Officer and Chief of the Public Information Office (1994-1998);

  • Director of the Recruitment Promotion Agency, Chief of the Marketing Office and Chief of the Organizational and Communication Resources Office (1999-2003); Deputy Chief of the 3rd Department, for the readiness section firstly and the operations section later, and Department Chief (2010-2012);

  • from 27th October 2014 to 1st July 2018 he was Chief of the 5th General Affairs Department of the General Staff of the Army.

In the Defence General Staff, from December 2006 to September 2009, he was Chief at the Office of the Chief of the General Staff of the Army. In 1997 he was Chief of the Public Information Office and National Liaison Officer with the “Garibaldi” Brigade Command, in the framework of the NATO SFOR mission in Sarajevo. In 1998-1999 he was the Commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 8th Bersaglieri Regiment with whom he participated in the NATO Joint Guarantor mission for the operations in Macedonia – Kosovo; he was then the Commander of the Italian Contingent in the Extraction Force NATO mission with the “Garibaldi” tactical group.

Since 7th July 2004 he was the Commander of the 18th Bersaglieri Regiment in Cosenza, the Unit that on 1st January 2005 changed its name into 1st Bersaglieri Regiment. From June to November 2006 he participated with the 1st Bersaglieri Regiment in the 10th “Antica Babilonia” mission that concluded the Italian commitment in Iraq; at the end of the mission the War Flag of the Regiment was decorated with the Military Order of Italy.

From 18th September 2009 to 29th November 2010 he was Commander of the “Garibaldi” Bersaglieri Brigade in the barracks in Caserta. From May to November 2010 he was Commander of the Sector West of UNIFIL/Joint Task Force Lebanon, led by the “Garibaldi” Bersaglieri Brigade, in Southern Lebanon in the framework of the “Leonte 8” Operation.

From 4th October 2012 to 10th October 2014 he was Commander of the Military Academy in Modena.

On 3rd July 2018 he was appointed Commander of the Operational Land Forces Support Command in Verona.

General TOTA has gained a University Degree and a Master in Strategic Sciences and a Master in Public Information. He can speak French and English.

Knight Commander to the Merit of the Italian Republic, he was awarded with a Golden Cross to the Army Merit (Iraq) and two Silver Crosses to the Army Merit (FYROM and Lebanon). He also gained decorations of France, Lebanon, Romania, Slovenia and United States, as well as the Domenico Chiesa Award of the Panathlon International and the Melvin Jones Fellows Lions Clubs International.

He is “Ambassador of the Balsamic Vinegar in the world” and in 2014 he was elected “Modenese of the year” by a poll of the Modena Newspaper. In 2018 the Cavalry National Association has conferred him the appellation of “Knight of Honour”.

Master of the “Risen Jesus” Community – Catholic Charismatic Renewal, General TOTA is also expert in the ancient art of “dry stone wall” building that is typical in the Murge of Bari.

He is married to Mrs. Mariadele and he has got three children: Giandomenico, Marcella and Marina.