Federico Bonato

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General Federico BONATO attended the Military Academy of Modena in 1977-1979 and in 1981 he concluded his studies at the Application School in Turin.

With the rank of First Lieutenant in the Alpine troops specialty, he was assigned to the 34th Company of the "Susa" Alpine Battalion in Oulx.

He served as commander at:

  • the "Bassano" Alpine Battalion in San Candido, as Commander of 62nd and 129th Company (1985-1988);
  • the "Susa" Battalion, as Commander of the 34th Company in Oulx (1988-1991);
  • the Cadet Officers Battalion in Aosta (1996-1997);
  • the 3rd Alpine Regiment in Pinerolo (2002-2004), with whom he participated in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Operation in Afghanistan (September 2002-January 2003) as battle group Commander in the Italian Contingent;
  • the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade (2007-2009), with whom he participated in the ISAF Operation as Commander of the Regional Command Capital in Kabul (December 2007-August 2008).

He attended the 116th General Staff Course and the 116th General Staff Advanced Course at the War School in Civitavecchia. He served in General Staff positions at the "Susa" Alpine Battalion, the 4th Alpine Army Corps in Bolzano where he served as Chief of General Staff (2005-2007) and the Operational Land Forces Command in Verona where he was appointed Deputy Chief of Operational General Staff (2009-2010).

Later he served as G3 Deputy Chief at the KFOR Command in Pristina (October 2001 – May 2002).

From August 2010 to June 2013 he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Deployable Joint Staff Element at the NATO Command in Madrid (Force Command Madrid); he served there for 12 months (January 2012 – January 2013) as Deputy Chief of Staff for Stability Operation at the Headquarter of ISAF Operation in Kabul.

From July 2013 to September 2014 he was Deputy Commander at the Alpine Troops Command and later "Tridentina" Division Commander. From 13th September 2014 to 7th February 2018 he was appointed Alpine Troops Commander.

On 15th February 2018 he was appointed Commander of the Land Operational Forces Command and Army Operational Command in Rome.

He is married with Mrs. Nicoletta and he has got three children.