The Crest of the School


The Application School was instituted on 10th September 1976 as unique School for all the Corps, after an important renovation of the Application Schools of Army. Later there was the necessity of having a unique emblem including the most significant heraldic symbols of the previous Schools.

The new symbol is explained through its main constitutive elements: the shield and the external garnitures. The element in the shield are two: the direct ancestry from the three preexistent similar Institutes (the Application School of Infantry and Cavalry, the Application School of Artillery and the Application School of Engineer) and the link with the city of Turin, where the Schools were funded.

The shield was divided into four parts, the first three dedicated to the Schools and the fourth one to the city of Turin.

The first part remembers the Application School of Infantry and Cavalry. For its historical heritage, this part was subdivided into four sections: in the first red section there is a silver cross with a label and three azure pendants (Piedmont); in the second section there is the traditional emblem of the Cavalry of Piedmont (a black eagle with spread wings on a silver background; the third section contains the Army of Parma (an azure cross on a golden background) and the symbol of Infantry that is a silver roman sword with a golden handle circled by an oak branch, all surmounted by an azure stripe with a silver star (to remember the Silver Medal to the Military Valour gained by the Application School of Infantry); in the fourth one the Army of Pinerolo is represented (three black strips on a silver background and crossed by a pine) and a silver winged horse on a red background, another symbol of the Cavalry.

In the second part there is the emblem of the "Royal Theoretical and Practical Schools of Artillery and Fortification", direct descendants of the Application School of Artillery. It is in gold (distinctive colour of the Artillery) and in red (the ancient colour of the Engineer) with an azure stripe (colour of the Savoy that funded the Royal Schools).

The third is dedicated to the dissolved Application School of Engineer from which it took the emblem, different from the Application School of Artillery only for a three-floor tower.

In the fourth part there is a bull on an azure field (Army of Turin). An azure ribbon with silver edge refers to the Silver Medal to the Military Valour that was given to the Application School of Infantry.

Under the shield, on a silver banner there is the motto "Doctrinas bello aptare" that summarizes the aims of the Institute and it is the same of the "Royal Theoretical and Practical Schools of Artillery and Fortification (the most ancient Institute from which the current Application School derives).

The current heraldic emblem is the same in the shield, while it has been changed in the external garnitures. Above the shield there is a towered crown formed by a circle, red inside, with eight towers (five of them are visible). The rectangular towers have got a door and a window. All is in gold with black walls. Along the lateral sides of the shield there i san azure fluttering banner with silver edge. Under the lower tip of the shield there is a golden fluttering banner with the motto "Doctrinas bello aptare", in black roman capital letters.​