Giovanni Fungo

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General Giovanni FUNGO was born in 1960 in Turin.
He joined the Military Academy in 1979 and was commissioned in
the Italian Army in 1981. At the end of the Junior Army Officers
School in 1983, in the rank of Lieutenant, he was assigned to the
Cavalry Sqdns Group “Cavalleggeri di Lodi” serving as Recce
Squadron Leader.
In 1987 he was promoted Captain and moved to the 8th
Sqdns Group “Lancieri di Montebello” in Rome, where he was
appointed Mechanized Squadron Commander.
In 1989 he spent two years at the Junior Officers School serving as
Section Commander.
Before attending the Italian Army Junior Staff Course in 1992, he
served in Sicily with the 6th
Tank Cavalry Sqdns Group as Tank
Squadron Commander and Chief S2/S3.
In 1994 he attended the Army Command and Staff Course 24 in
Camberley – UK. Then he was assigned to 3rd (UK) Division as Staff
Officer, Plans and Training.
Back in Italy in 1996, he was assigned to the Italian Army General
Staff – doctrine and military policy branch, where he contributed to studies and concepts aimed to
support the development of the doctrine of the Italian Army.
In 1998 he attended the Joint Staff Course. Then he was appointed Commander of the 19th
Cavalry Sqdns
Group “Cavalleggeri Guide” and took part to NATO operations in FYROM and Kosovo.
In late 1999 he took over command of the RSTA Training Center and in 2002/2003 he spent another tour
of duty in Kosovo as Military Assistant to COMKFOR.
Back in Italy, he was promoted Colonel and he was appointed Commander of the RSTA Group.
In 2004 he was assigned again to the Italian Army General Staff as Chief of the Organizational Resources
and Communication Office, where he was in charge of research, analysis and development of
organizational and communication policies oriented to recruitment, marketing and welfare. During the
second half of 2007 he spent a tour of duty in HQ ISAF as Deputy DCOS Support.
From 2007 to 2009 he was again serving in the Italian Army General Staff as Chief of the Public
Information Office.
Promoted Brigadier General in March 2009, he was appointed Commander of the “Pozzuolo del Friuli”
Cavalry Brigade.
From 2010 to 2013 he served as Assistant Chief of Staff Capability Engineering and IT Senior National
Officer at Supreme Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk (USA).
Promoted Major General in July 2013 and back to Italy, Major General FUNGO was appointed Deputy
Commander of the Army Education HQ in Turin and subsequently COS NRDC - ITA.
From 2014 to 2016 he was Chief of the Intelligence and Security Department of the Defence General
Staff. He commanded KFOR from September 2016 to November 2017.
He has a university degree, a master degree in Strategic Sciences and a 2nd level Master degree in
Institutional Communication.
He has been awarded:
- a Silver Medal for Army Valour;
- a Bronze Cross for Army Merit;
- a Cross for Military Support to Civilian Authorities Operations;
- the Bronze Army Medal for Long Period of Command;
- the US Legion of Merit.