The Training Regiment

Fregio e mostreggiature del reggimento 

"Fortior ex adversis resurgo"

The Training Regiment of the School is organized in three battalions, one of them for the support and two for the training.
The "M.O. Mattei" Logistic Battalion gives the Regiment the best conditions to operate in the tactical and logistic field, supporting it in its various activities.
The two Training Battalions, called "M.O.Vannucci" and "M.O. Fasil", conduct the training and the specialization of the Cadet Marshals and Sergeants as well as the qualification, updating and specialization of the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Volunteers in fixed conscription and in permanent service. Moreover they organize and conduct fire exercices for teams, mortars and anti-tanks schools.
The School has also got a didactical Department that elaborates and conduct courses of feat, land navigation, combat in residential areas and precision shooting.
With volunteer personnel, the Regiment is located in Cesano di Roma. Its celebration is on 24th May, anniversary of the beginning of the First World War for Italy (1915).