Hundredth anniversary since the foundation of the "Sassari" Brigade

On 27th February 2015 in Sassari the celebrations in occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of "Sassari" Brigade (1st March 1915) took place with the laying of a garland at the memorial monument of the Fallen Soldiers.

The celebrations for the commemoration of the historical event, that last year coincided with the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, began in the "Gonzaga" barracks: the Brigade Commander, General Arturo Nitti, has laid a garland at the memorial monument in presence of the Fallen Soldiers' families. The honours were rendered by an honour platoon of the 152nd "Sassari" Infantry Regiment and by the band of the Brigade that started to play "Il Piave" and "Il Silenzio".

During the military ceremony there were the War Flags of the 151st and 152nd "Sassari" Infantry Regiments, of the 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment and of the 5th Engineer Regiment; in that occasion the Mayor of Sassari conferred the honorary citizenship to the "Sassari" Brigade.

Later the celebrations continued at "La Marmora" barracks where the Historical Museum of the Brigade was opened to give people the possibility to visit the exhibition and enrich their historical knowledge about the First World War and in particular about the "Sassari" Brigade.

On 28th February, in the lounges of the "Diavoli Rossi" club in the "La Marmora" barracks, there was a conference entitled "100 years of the Forza Paris! Operation". At the conference there were the Professors Aldo Accardo, Giuseppina Fois and Manlio Brigaglia, the Field Marshal Antonio Pinna, Mr. Giuliano Chirra, Paolo Vacca and the Brigade Commander General Arturo Nitti. At the Sports Centre "Roberta Serradimigni", the band of the "Sassari" Brigade (wearing the historical uniform of the First World War) performed in occasion of the match Dinamo Banco di Sardegna vs. Acqua Vitasnella Cantù, in the 20th day of the Italian basketball Championship.

On 1st March the Military Ordinary for Italy Monsignor Santo Marciano celebrated a mass in Sant'Agostino Church, custodian of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Way (protector of the "Sassari" Brigade). The families of the dead Sardinian soldiers participated in the Mass, concelebrated by the military chaplains of the "Sassari" Brigade. ​