Amedeo Sperotto

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General Amedeo Sperotto was born on 23rd February 1957 in Fara Vicentino.

After having graduated from "Alessandro Rossi" Industrial-Technical High School in Vicenza, he has attended the Military Academy of Modena; in 1978 he ended the second year and was promoted Artillery Second Lieutenant.

In 1980 he ended the studies at the Application School of Turin with the rank of First Lieutenant and he was moved to the 4th "Peschiera" Anti-aircrafts Artillery Regiment in Mantova; there he has served as RCF Section Commander, HAWK Battery Commander, Officer at the Tactical Control Group and Mobilization Officer, Head of the Operations Training and Information Section and Head of the Operational Centre Group.

He has attended the Course of General Staff (1990-1991) and the Upper Course of General Staff (1992-1993) at the War School of Civitavecchia.

As an Officer of the General Staff, he has served at the Financial Planning General Office (1991-1992) and at the Office of the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Army (1993-1995).

With the rank of Lieutenant Colonel he has served as a Commander of the 1st Group of the 5th Anti-aircrafts Artillery Regiment in San Donà del Piave (VE). Later, in 1996, he was assigned to the Command of the Allied Land Forces of Southern Europe, in Verona, where he was Chief of the Special Projects Section and Chief of the Operations Office.

In 1997 he was moved to the Operational Land Forces Command where he served as Chief of the Contingents Operations Section, Chief of the Operations Section and Chief of the Planning and Budget Office.

From June 2000 to September 2001 he was the Commander of the 17th "Sforzesca" Anti-Aircrafts Artillery Regiment in Rimini.

For the second time at the Operational Land Forces Command, he was Chief of Operations Office and later of the General and Financial Planning Office.

From 26th June to 28th November 2005 he was the Commander of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Herat, Afghanistan, for the national participation at the 2nd Stage of ISAF Operation.

Come back from the mission, he held again the position of Chief of General and Financial Planning Office. From 1st June 2006 to 27th August 2007 he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Operational General Staff of the Operational Land Forces Command.

On 31st August 2007 he was Commander of the Artillery Brigade in Portogruaro, until 27th October 2008.

Moved to the Defence General Staff, from 4th November to 14th November 2011 he was Deputy Chief of the Defence Planning and Budget General Office.

In November 2011 he came back to Turin to serve in the position of Chief of General Staff of the Training Command and Application School of the Army, until 26th August 2012.

From 3rd September 2012 to 15th March 2016 he was Chief of General Staff of the Operational Land Forces Command.

On 1st January 2016 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

On 16th March 2016, maintaining the secondary position of Chief of General Staff, he gained the main position of Deputy Commander of the Operational Land Forces Command.

On 1st October 2016, after the reorganization of the Operational Land Forces Command and the Supports Command, he was appointed Commander of the new born Operational Land Forces Support Command, until 2nd July 2018.

On 5th July 2018 he became Commander of the Northern Operational Forces.

After having completed his training process with academic courses and at the War School, he has attended several specialization courses about HAWK missile system and the AN/TSQ-73 Command and Control system.

Lieutenant General Sperotto has got two university degree: the first in "Strategic Sciences", earned at the University of Turin; the second in "Political Sciences", obtained at the University of Trieste. He has also got a Master's degree in "Strategic Sciences", issued by the University of Turin, and another one in "International Studies for Public Officials", issued by the Italian Company for International Organizations.

Moreover he has attended the 25th and 29th Guidance and Training Courses for Public Officials, at the Italian Company for International Organizations in Rome; the 20th Course for Civil and Military Cooperation in Rome; the 1st Course for Geopolitical Improvement at the University of Cassino; the Course for Professional Improvement and Refreshment in Methodology and Negotiation Technique" for the Defence Officers of Diplomatic Missions, at the University of Gorizia. He has got licences of Physical Education Military Instructor and of Rescue Teacher in Swimming.

As lecturer he has presented many conferences about the employment by the Armed Forces in operations in Afghanistan, at High Schools and Universities, Cultural Associations and Institutional Offices.

He has been awarded with the "Honorary Citizenship" by the Municipality of Nervesa della Battaglia (in the province of Treviso) and the "Certificate of public merit" of the Civil Protection Department for public natural disasters and events.


  • Silver Cross to the Army Merit;

  • Knight Commander of the Italian Republic Order of Merit;

  • Mauritian Medal to the Merit of 10 Years of Military Service;

  • Golden Medal to the Merit for Long Command in the Army;

  • Golden Cross with star for Seniority in Military Service;

  • Commemorative Medal for the Mission in Afghanistan;

  • Commemorative Cross for Peacekeeping Operations;

  • NATO Commemorative Medal - Former Yugoslavia;

  • NATO Commemorative Medal - Kosovo;

  • NATO Commemorative Medal - Macedonia;

  • NATO Commemorative Medal - Afghanistan;

  • Certificate of Public Merit of the Civil Protection Department;

  • Medalha Marechal Hermes - Aplicação e Estudo della Repubblica Federativa del Brasile;

  • Cross of Officer with Swords to the Maltese Merit.