Military Sport



​The transition to a professional model of our Army, with the suspension of the military draft since 2004, had determined the end of the military sport based on young conscripts. Until today it have permitted on the one hand to athletes in military service to maintain a good psychophysical conditions, on the other hand to the Institution to benefit from their contribution in an activity and qualified presence in the context of the national sport. The definitive affirmation of the professional soldier represent a new page for the military sport and in particular in the excellence one. The relaunch of this sector offers excellent opportunities to the Armed Force. The Institution expects of them a contribution in the strengthening of the sense of belonging but it also expects that they act as catalysts for sport activities through the increase in number and quality of the instructors. For that reason, in addition to the traditional popular sport, the excellence sport has been relaunched because until the 60's it has dispensed world laurels and Olympic medals, instituting the figure of the military athlete.




Centro Sportivo Esercito (CSE) Sportivo Esercito (CSE)
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