source: UNIFIL

Unifil mission in Lebanon Sector West: the Italian peacekeepers celebrate the Republic Day.

Lebanon Sector West. Republic Day for the Italian military

​Last June 2nd, in the United Nation Position 2-3 in Shama, the Italian peacekeepers of the UNIFIL mission celebrated the Republic Day. In the morning a representation of blue helmets, among those who were free from services and patrols, has been participated in the flag-raising ceremony which continued with a deposition of a crown in honour of the fallen.

The commander of the Joint Task Force Lebanon - Sector West, Brigade General Diego Filippo Fulco, at the end of the reading of the messagges from Italian Republic Presidence and by Minister of defence Guerini, He has recalled the importance of the service that is carried out daily under the insignia of the UN, underlining how the commitment of the Italians in Lebanon gives prestige to the Republic.

It was a simple ceremony that added to the particularity of the Lebanese event the attention to all the preventive measures against the spread of covid-19. Provisions and procedures that for months have been the property of Italian military personnel employed abroad.

Currently JTFL-SW is composed on a brigade basis "Grenadiers of Sardinia". About 250 activities are carried out every day by the men and women of the Italian Army in southern Lebanon to ensure compliance with UN Resolution 1701 and to confirm with their work how professional and effective the Italian soldier is in peacekeeping.