source: KFOR

A new incubator for the newborn infants’ unit of the Pec/Peja Hospital through a CIMIC project accomplished by the Italian soldiers in mission in Kosovo.

“A new incubator given to the newborn infants’ unit of the Pec/Peja Regional Hospital”

​An important CIMIC activity, made possible through the efforts of the Italian Army soldiers deployed in Kosovo, took place this morning at the Pec/Peja Hospital. A new incubator was in fact given in favor of the newborn infants’ unit of the Pec/Peja Regional Hospital, a critical system to ensure appropriate assistance to infants. 

The Hospital of Pec/Peja is an important structure not only for the municipality but also for all neighbouring towns, and it is now the reference point, in terms of medical support, for more than 170.000 inhabitants of Kosovo.

The General Director, Dr. Skender Dreshaj and the Head of the newborn infants’ unit, Dr. Mirlinda Shala, received this gift on behalf of the Pec/Peja Regional Hospital, and they clearly thanked Italian soldiers for the support to the population of Kosovo and to the health sector.

Colonel Ruggero Cucchini, the Multinational Battle Group West Commander, a multinational unit guided by Italy composed of Italians, Slovenians, Austrians and Moldovans, operating in the west sector of Kosovo, attended the event. He pointed out that CIMIC activities (Civilian Military Cooperation) are an essential component of the mission in Kosovo, as these aim to support tangible the population by improving the efficiency of local institutions, especially the ones committed in essential sectors, such as health. 

KFOR Mission is an international military NATO operation, under UN mandate, with the task of providing a peaceful coexistence between the different ethnic groups of the Country, as stated in the UN resolution 1244. Italy is in proportion one of the most important contributor in terms of men and women: Italy has deployed more than 500 soldiers, from Army, Carabinieri, Air Force and Navy, on nearly 4000 KFOR soldiers from 28 different Countries.