source: Resolute Support

General Hill met with Camp Arena military personnel.

General Hill congratulates the Italian contingent at Camp Arena for their efforts

​Resolute Support Deputy Commander (RS) General (UK) Giles Hill, has visited few days ago Train Advise and Assist Command-West (TAAC-W) in Herat, currently leading 132nd Armoured Brigade "Ariete", within the scope of the verification and monitoring of the situation related to the covid-19 emergency, in the areas where the international coalition forces operate in Afghanistan.

General Hill, on his arrival at Camp Arena, was initially updated by TAAC-W Commander, Brigade General Enrico Barduani, about most important training activities, advice and assistance for the 207th Afghan Army Corps and the Police Forces of the region, that the TACC-W continue to even if with adapted modes to the limitations imposed by the spread of coronavirus. Later General Hill has visionated all security measures actuated against the Covid-19 and to contain the contagion.

During the visit, RS Deputy Commander went at the Camp Arena military Hospital (Role 2), where he has been entertained with medical personell and he has visited the medical facilities, in really short time, for every emergency by COVID-19 such as the area for treatment and care of patients in isolation and analysis labs, with capabilities to do Serological and Molecular tests.

General Hill has expressed to the Commander of TAAC-W its own appreciation for the constant engagement of the Italian contingent in Afghanistan, lauding in particoular ways the excellants results for this period excellent results in combating the spread of the current pandemic, and Herat results hardest hit for this Virus.

Nato command under italian leadership is responsible for the operation "Resolute Support" in the western part of Afghanistan and It has the objective to partecipate at training, advice and assistance fotr the Afghanv law forces and Istitutions, committed to creating adequate security and prosperity for the local population.