The Italian contingent carried out a combat training in an urbanized environment as part of the mission in Latvia.

Exercise conducted in cooperation with Canadian and Spanish units

​The Italian contingent deployed in the Latvian mission conluded the "Urban Reaper" exercise in Estonia, consisting of combat training in an urbanized environment in collaboration with the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Estonia in order to train the unit by improving its operational and cooperation capacities with other countries of the Atlantic Alliance. The deployment of the heavy infantry company took place on October 18th at the Nursipalu training area in the municipality of Somerpalu (Estonia) about 230 km north-east of Ādaži (Latvia).

In the area an intense activity with a high training realism was conducted for a period of five days, using both the simulation systems and the opportunities offered by the exercise area that simulate a small urban complex. The activity developed by performing the inhabited area, the entry and neutralization of the hostile elements, the reclamation, the fortification and the defense of the building.

The exercise was conducted in cooperation with Canadian and Spanish units through the use of individual weapons using "Simunition" type ammunition.

In this context, the company trained itself in identifying any explosive traps and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), which was followed by the request for intervention to the Spanish SAPPER units that carried out the removal of obstacles (breaching). The activity allowed to train and amalgamate the personnel, increasing the technical-tactical procedures for using the equipment supplied, to implement the command and control capacity of the unit, raising the level of integration and interoperability with the units of equal level.

The Italian contingent deployed in Latvia as part of the "Baltic Guardian" operation, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Rucco, is based on the 1st Bersaglieri Regiment stationed in Cosenza of the Bersaglieri Garibaldi Brigade, supplemented by a wagon operation unit of platoon level and staff of the 4th Tanks Regiment stationed in Persano and other units of the Army.

The eFP is a defensive measure, fully in line with NATO's international commitment. In this sense, it represents a concrete effort to preserve peace, since it constitutes a reinforcement of the Alliance's principle of deterrence.