All together in Tyre, for the local population, under UNIFIL mission.

Food Festival and Cultural Integration in Lebanon

​The event “Food Festival and Cultural Integration” took place in recent days in the middle of Tyre, in the south of Lebanon, in presence of Brigadier General Diodato Abagnara, UNIFIL Sector West Commander.

The Italian blue berets, together with colleagues of different contingents and in the presence of the highest local civilian and religious Authorities, contributed, through food tastes and some particularities of folklore, to promote intercultural exchange with the local population. During the event, about 1000 visitors interacted also with Spanish, Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Nepalese and South Korean peacekeepers, and were entertained by the musical notes of the Fanfare of “Garibaldi” Bersaglieri Brigade, arrived in Lebanon a few days ago.

For the occasion, different gastronomic stands were set up and during the day the peacekeepers showed their national tradition with some cultural and artistic performance, with the aim of highlighting that, through the differences, a harmonic convergence can be reached. In the margins of the event, General Abagnara pointed out that “the realization of such events can shorten the distance and bring together, under UN auspices, a common spirit which must warm cultures and people”.

The peacekeepers of Military Community Outreach Unit, unit led by Italy under the UNIFIL Commander, Major General Stefano Del Col, were also present to represent UNIFIL Mission. Italian Army soldiers from 28th “Pavia” Regiment, unique defence department specialized in operational communication and involved in all international missions, are part of the unit, together with Indonesian colleagues and handed out to visitors information leaflets about the Mission mandate and games for the kiddies during the event.