The 3rd Land Artillery Regiment of the Army has concluded the training for the employment in the Kosovan operational theatre.

They are employing on the framework of the KFOR Multinational Battle Group

In view of the employment in the Kosovan operational theatre, the salute ceremony has taken place at the "Severino Lesa" Barracks, the headquarters of the 3rd Artillery Regiment of the "Julia" Alpine Brigade and the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" Logistic Regiment, in presence of the "Julia" Alpine Brigade Commander General Paolo Fabbri, the Mayor of Remanzacco Ms. Daniela Briz and the Mayor of Conegliano Veneto Mr. Floriano Zambon who gave the Regiment the honorary citizenship in 2014.

With this important event, the deployed Units have concluded an intense training period for the employment abroad. The final exercise was divided into two phases: firstly the planning process developed by the Regiment Command staff and later the managing and the conduct of specific tactical activities carried out by the maneuvre units.

In particular the Command staff and the 13th Battery of the 3rd Land Artillery Regiment have carried out an exercise at the training areas in the Friuli region in order to acquire operational capabilities for the employment in Kosovo, on the framework of the KFOR Multinational Battle Group (MNBG).

The personnel of the Regiment, led by Colonel Enzo Ceruzzi, will represent for the Army the base of the Multinational Battalion that has units of Austria, Moldavia and Slovenia at its dependencies, on the framework of the NATO mission in western Kosovo; there they have to patrol the territory in order to guarantee the security and the free movement in the Country but they have also to plan and realize projects of civil and military cooperation aiming to improve the life conditions of the populations.