Fifth mandate for the Brigade in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: transfer of authority at the Train Advise Assist Command West

At the airport in Herat there has been the transfer of authority ceremony for the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC W), the NATO multinational and joint forces Command with Italian leadership that operates in the western Afghanistan, on the framework of the Resolute Support Mission (RS). The composite Command based on the "Garibaldi" Bersaglieri Brigade, after six months of training, advice and assistance to the operational high commands of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF), has been relieved by the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade.

At the ceremony there were the Commander of the Resolute Support Mission General Nicholson, the Ambassador of Italy in Kabul Roberto Cantone, the Commander of the Joint Forces Operational Command Admiral Cavo Dragone (who had visited the Italian contingent in Kabul) and the Deputy Commander of the NATO Forces in Afghanistan Lieutenant General Rosario Castellano. Moreover the Governor of the Herat Province Mr. Asif Rahimi and the Afghan civil and military authorities have participated in the ceremony.

During his speech General Nicholson has thanked the Commander of the "Garibaldi" General Claudio Minghetti and the deployed servicepersons, stressing on the excellent results that have been reached; he has also remember that the TAAC has been the first to carry out activities of training, advise and assist through an Expeditionary Advisory Package (EAP) in Farah. General Nicholson has given his best wishes to General Biagini and the Alpine troopers of the "Taurinense" for the difficult and delicate task.

The training and advice activities, carried out annually by the TAAC West advisors in favour of the ANDSF, aim to make the local Security Forces independent in the professional development of its personnel, but also to train the trainers and the specialists of intelligence, contrast to the improvised device, use of mortars and artilleries, control of the airspace and so on, through specific courses, seminars and symposiums.

All the efforts focus on the organizational development and of the functionality of the Afghan Security Forces in order to reach an appropriate level of their sustainability.

For the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade this is the fifth mandate in Afghanistan, the third in Herat. At the same time of the assumption of responsibility by the "Taurinense" Alpine Brigade at the TAAC West, the 2nd Alpine Regiment (located in Cuneo) has assumed the Command of the Task Force Arena, the unit dedicated to the defence and support of the contingent activities.