source: COMFOP North

The “Folgore” Brigade and the 3rd “Savoy Cavalry” Regiment have concluded the training activities in Germany.

The “Saber Junction 17” ended for the “Savoy Cavalry”

On 23rd May the "Savoy Cavalry" Squadron came back to Italy after having been involved in the "Saber Junction 17" exercice for a month. The paratroopers cavalrymen of the "Folgore" Brigade, protagonist in the German training areas, have arrived at their Barracks in Grosseto after having concluded the unloading operations of the "Centauro" armoured vehicles. The paratroopers cavalrymen of "Savoy" had intense weeks of activities at the Joint Multinational Readiness Centre in Hohenfels for a preparatory training cycle for the employment in the "Leonte" Operation in Lebanon.

Since 25th April the Armoured Vehicle Squadron of the 3rd "Savoy Cavalry" Regiment, the maneuvre unit of the "Folgore" Paratroopers Brigade, has concluded the deployment and started a complex exercice aiming to validate the NATO armed forces for the employment in high intensity conflicts.

The "Manusardi" Armoured Vehicles Squadron, regimented along with the Queen's Royal Hussars English Regiment and the 2nd Cavalry American regiment, has participated in the operation for the armoured component of the multinational force, testing the capability of cooperation at an international level and proving the versatility and the valour that the Regiment has given to the paratroopers Brigade.

As the "Savoy Cavalry" Commander Colonel Aurelio Tassi said, proudly highlighting the work of his amaranth berets, "the Regiment constantly trains and it tries to reach the interoperability with the units of the Brigade as well as the Army, the other Armed Forces and the foreign allied Armies in order to guarantee the capability of intervention if necessary. The "Folgore" Brigade Commander General Roberto Vannacci expressed his personal satisfaction for the extraordinary results gained during all the intense simulation cycle.

On 16th May, on the occasion of the After Action Review of the "Saber Junction 2017" activity at the JMRC (Joint Multinational Readiness Center) in Hohenfels (Germany), Marshal Manolo Catania, Platoon Commander of the Armoured Vehicles Squadron of the 3rd "Savoy Cavalry" Regiment, was awarded.

The award ceremony as "hero of the battle" is the result of the very high operational standard of the Non-Commissioned Officer in all the exercice activities and in particular in the events of 3rd May 2017 when his company destroyed the 8 BMP2 and 4 T80 through the miles simulation system; at the platoon command he also managed the maneuvre impeding the advance of the OPFOR deployed with forces at Company level.

The conversion of the Regiment into paratroopers cavalry unit of the "Folgore" Brigade, is now a concrete reality that shows its results through the integration with other units of the air-troop. Also in this training phase in international field, the extraordinary professionalism of the "Folgore" paratroopers Brigade and of all the Italian Army has highlighted the high quality of the defence model in our Country.