source: COMALP

Three Officers of the Kazak Army have visited the Alpine Training Centre in Aosta, between training and passion for the mountain.

Five days of training, culture and passion for the mountain

​A delegation of the Kazakh Army, composed by Colonel Zhurabayev Bolat Zharkhumbayevich, Major Rakhmetov Amanzhol Bauyrzhanovich and Captain Zhumayev Maxut Sagiytayevich, visited the Alpine Training Centre in Aosta from 24th to 29th September. The visit represented an occasion to share competences and talk about different themes concerning mountain training and combat. The three Officers of the delegation visited the training areas of the Centre participating in different activities such as the 9th basic Mountaineering Course, the 7th Mountain Warfare Individual Basic Skills – Summer Course, the training of First Lieutenants destined to the Alpine Troops of the 195th Applicative Technical Course of the Application School and the training of the athletes from the Army Sport Centre. The entire overview on the different training competences of the Centre has elicited interest and attention in the delegation directly involved in the constitution of an analogous Mountain Training Centre in Kazakhstan near the city of Almaty that will probably start the activities in 2018. The presence of Captain Zhumayev Maxut Sagiytayevich in the delegation has confirmed the importance for Kazakhstan of the training to the mountain combat of its armed forces personnel. The Kazakh Captain is a mountaineer able to climb the 8,000 of the world without oxygen and he has been appointed by the Kazakh Army to develop the technical aspects of the courses that will be carried out at the Mountain Training Centre in Kazakhstan. The union between passion and professionalism lays the groundwork for a high-quality training, a characteristic of the activities at the Alpine Training Centre in Aosta.