The ‘dimonios’ of the Praesidium Task Force in mission in Iraq have supported the local population by donating materials and medical equipment in favour of the clinic of Mosul Dam.

The Italian Army soldiers guarantee basic essentials and services to the clinic in Mosul

Based on the 151st “Sassari” Infantry Regiment, the Task Force Praesidium continues to support the local population by donating an ultrasound scanner, a multi-parameter monitor for the control of the vital signs and three defibrillators to the clinic of Mosul Dam that is managed by Dr. Muhamad Saleh Abdulqadr.

After the donation, made possible by the intervention of the no-profit Association for the Spiritual Assistance of the Armed Forces (PASFA) and the Women Italian Centre (CIF) of Cagliari, a medical team of the Italian Army has illustrated practically how to employ the ultrasound scanner. The donation is part of the stabilization process aiming to guarantee the basic essentials and services to the local population but also of support and collaboration activities carried out by the ‘dimonios’ of the 151st Regiment and appreciated by local authorities and the anti-Daesh Coalition.

In the framework of those stabilization activities, the medical assets of the Task Force Praesidium have implemented about 350 medical examinations in favour of women, children and men of the Mosul Dam community that have revealed the necessity of specialized medical devise (object of the donation) in order to do more accurate diagnosis.

Moreover, as regards the cooperation with local authorities, the Praesidium has launched the first medical-scientific collaboration through two symposiums: the former about the renal kidney stone in areas with scorching climate and the latter about the prevention, treatment and therapy of food infection.

Those activities have permitted to increase and develop a productive synergy as well as a relationship of esteem and confidence between Italian and local doctors. In addition, veterinary assets of the Task Force have intervened with disinfestation activities against snakes and spiders, clinical examinations in favour of the K9 units of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service and the contrast to the phenomenon of animal strays that is widespread in the region. During the event, chaired by the Praesidium Task Force Commander – Colonel Maurizio Settesoldi – and the Director of the Clinic in Mosul Dam – Dr. Muhamad Saleh Abdulqadr, they were also present the high authorities of the area of operation of the Italian Army soldiers, such as the Deputy Commander of the Counter Terrorism Service – Major Haider – the Commander of the Iraqi Police – Colonel Ibrahim Mohamad, the National Security Service Commander – Captain Wissam – and the muktar of Mosul Dam – Dr. Hasan Naif.

The Praesidium Task Force is in charge to protect the Mosul dam in cooperation with the local security forces that are the Counter Terrorism Service, the National Security Service and the Iraqi Police. The Task Force Praesidium ensures the defence of the dam, a strategic place for Iraq, and it guarantees the security of the military and civil personnel of USACE and of the Trevi company employed in renovating the building.