source: UNIFIL

UNIFIL, built a rainwater collection system and a waste storage and disposal site.

Activities in favor of the Lebanese population continue

The opening ceremony of a CIMIC project, in favor of the population of South Lebanon, relating to the construction of a rainwater collection system, was held in recent days at Aytaroun, in presence of Brigadier General Diodato Abagnara, UNIFIL Sector West Commander, and the Mayor of the town, Selim Mourad. The about 300 meters section is located in an agricultural land, in the southeast of the Country, nearby the Blue Line.​

“The Italian Blue Berets are continuing their support to the local population between the practical of projects carried out and the need for listening, constantly, the local Authorities for future requirements planning. The town of Aytaroun slopes down to the Blue Line, that demarcation line which runs for about 120 kilometers between Lebanon and Israel. The implementation of this project is not only aimed to meet the needs of the municipality but is also included in a solid recovery plan for one of the areas of South Lebanon that has most endured the suffering of war”, that was General Abagnara speaking in the margin of the inauguration.​

Furthermore, in the municipality of Dayr Qanun An Nahr, the opening of another CIMIC project took place, concerting the implementation, this time, of a covered area for the storage and disposal of solid urban waste, through the construction of a roll-formed steel warehouse. The Sector West Commander and the Mayor of the Municipality Adnar Kassir also attended at the event.​