The first “Weapon Handling and Shooting Techniques” course in favor of Lebanese Armed Forces ended at Shama compound.

The Army continues the efforts for LAF training

​About twenty corporals and NCOs from Lebanese Armed Forces, under the guide of 183rd “Nembo” Paratroopers Regiment’s instructors, dealt with theoretical and practical aspects about use, security measures and technical procedures during dynamic and operational shooting with Colt M4 rifle and Beretta PX Storm pistol.

The first “Weapon Handling and Shooting Techniques” course in favor of Lebanese Armed Forces, held by peacekeepers from the Italy led battalion of ITALBATT, a monouvre Task Force deployed in Al Mansouri and advanced operational posts, ended in recent days.

ITALBATT, with the Battle Groups of the other nations, helps to control the Blue Line and southern Lebanon territory, in assistance of Lebanese Armed Forces. ITALBATT assets are equipped with armored vehicles, “Lince” VTML and “Centauro” tanks.

The abovementioned courses are very important because, in addition to ensuring more operational preparation, increasing military staff training level about techniques and procedures of practical use, safe and defensive, of weapons, enhance synergy between “Folgore” and Lebanese Armed Forces, which operate jointly coordinated, in order to maintain stability in the sensitive area of the south of Lebanon. The combined training between Italian peacekeepers and Lebanese Armed Forces, as well as being a crucial point in order to operate at full capacity and in safety, remains an essential element of UNIFIL mission in continuing to guarantee the stability of the area.