source: General Staff of the Army

In presence of the Head of State, the sense of belonging to the Republic and the integration between Armed Forces and citizens confirmed.

General Errico at the Republic Day

On the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Italian Republic, the traditional parade has taken place in presence of the Head of State and the institutional, civil, military and religious authorities of the Country.

The event symbolises the sense of belonging to the Italian Republic, founded on 2nd June 1946 after the popular referendum for choosing the institutional form of government; it also represents a moment for the Armed Forces and Armed and non-Armed State Corps to honour the Republic.

The celebrations have started with the Head of State's arrival to the Altare della Patria (Altar of Homeland) where he has been welcomed by a joint forces unit that included a cadets company of the Non-Commissioned School to represent the Army. After the solemn flag-hoisting ceremony, the President has layed down a wreath in homage to the Unknown Soldier.

Later the servicepersons, intervened after the natural disasters in Central Italy, have marched  along the Fori Imperiali in order to highlight the importance of the Army as a resource for the Country. The precious assets employed in those occasions have showed the great potentialities of the Army as well as the management capabilities and the integration with the other State organizations. The relation between the Armed Forces and the territory has been highlighted by the presence of the Mayors of the Municipalities hit by the earthquake among the 400 Mayors representing the 8000 Municipalities of Italy.

To represent all the servicepersons of the Armed Force that carry out their duties in Homeland and abroad, the "Serenissima" Lagunari Regiment, the 183rd "Nembo" Paratroopers Regiment, the 82nd "Turin" Infantry Regiment, the 152nd "Sassari" Infantry Regiment, the 9th Alpine troops Regiment, the 8th "Lancieri di Montebello" Regiment have taken part to the parade; for the educational Institutes there were a company of the Military Academy and a company of the "Nunziatella" Military School. The Military Bands of the Army have accompanied the parade, among them the Band of the "Grenadiers of Sardinia" Brigade, of the "Sassari" Brigade, of the Anti-aircrafts Artillery Command and of the "Julia" Alpine Brigade. The parade has been closed by the 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment with the Brass Band of the 7th Bersaglieri Regiment and the Flag.