Inaugurated the rock climbing complex realized by the Alpine troops in Mosul.

A new rock climbing complex in Mosul thanks to the Alpine troops of the TF Praesidium

Realized by the Alpine troops of the Task Force Presidium, the new rock climbing complex has been recently inaugurated near the Mosul Dam, in presence of several representatives of the local and the coalition military components.

The ceremony has been presided by the Deputy Commanding General for Training at the Combined Joint Force Land Component Command – Operation Inherent Resolve, General B. Francesco Maria Ceravolo, who is the Coalition responsible of the training activities for the Iraqi Security Forces, during his last visit to the Task Force at the end of his mandate.

The realization of the training complex derives from the interest expressed by the Kurd-Iraqi Security Forces operating in the area around the dam for the operational capabilities of the Alpine troops, particularly adapted to an environment with the same orographic features as the area near the hydraulic infrastructure.

The training area has been named "Monte Nero", in memory of the peak conquered by the 3rd Alpine troops during the First World War. It offers a wide range of elements useful to the mountain training and it has been made safe and equipped with a "via ferrata" and 12 rock climbing routes characterized by different difficulties up to the fifth level, some of them dedicated to Kurdish soldiers fallen during the conflicts against ISIS.

Coordinated by the Kurdistan Coordination Centre (KTCC), the Italian-led multinational training Unit will launch soon the first course for Mountain Warfare Basic Skills, carried out by Alpine troops instructors in favour of the Zaravani Kommando Battalion of the Kurdish Security Forces.

On the framework of "Prima Parthica" Operation, Italy participates in the "Inherent Resolve" Operation to oppose the international terrorism, as second contributor after the USA: 1,500 servicepersons coming from all the Armed Forces, employed in Baghdad and Erbil for the training of the Kurdish Security Forces (Peshmerga) and the Iraqi ones. Moreover, thanks to an airmobile Task Group deployed in the airport of Erbil, it ensures the Personnel Recovery (PR) capability to the Coalition, in all the northern area of the Iraqi theatre.

In this mission the Task Force Presidium, with 500 servicemen and servicewomen, guarantees the security near the dam where the Italian company "Trevi" is working to make the hydraulic infrastructure safe, avoiding the risk of a natural disaster.