Launch campaign with the Stinger short-range weapon at the firing range of NAMFI in Creta.

27 Stinger Shot Posts of the 17th ‘Sforzesca’, the 121st ‘Ravenna’ and the Training Regiment in operation in Creta

​The launch campaign with the Stinger short-range weapon of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command has concluded at the NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) in Creta (Gr).

That important training activity has been carried out by personnel of the 17th “Sforzesca” Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment, the 121st “Ravenna” Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment and the Training Regiment; it has concluded the training period of the Stinger Shot Posts that have been evaluated in terms of Operational Readiness during exercises and through the Advanced Moving Target Simulator (AMTS), in order to be licenced to the launch.

During the activity two operational scenarios, a convoy escort and a post in defence of an important target have been simulated aiming to recreate operational conditions similar to the real ones, in order to evaluate and certificate the operational level reached by the Stinger Shot Posts and the combat readiness of the Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPADS), with particular reference to the National Capability of Projection from the Sea (CNPM).

The Chief of General Staff of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command, Colonel Michele Strippoli, was present during the Stinger launches; after a briefing on the activity in favour of senior Officers of the Armed Forces of the host Nation, some Generals of Creta participated in the fire exercise such as the Commander of the Shooting Range of NAMFI, Brigadier General Kleanthis Karatsin.

For men and women of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery, the launch campaign represents an important moment of their training as well as the occasion to maintain the professional capabilities of the training component of valuators and instructors.