Exercise “Smart Sapper 17”, led by Engineer Command and conducted by 2nd “Pontoons

Pontoons of the Army train at Smart Sapper

​The tactical activity of exercise “Smart Sapper 17”, started last week, ended in recent days. “Smart Sapper 17” is an exercise led by Engineer Command and conducted by its subordinated Pontoons Engineer Regiment. Lieutenant General Amedeo Sperotto, Operational Land Forces Support Commander, Division General Antonio Vittiglio, “Acqui” Division Commander, Division General Carlo Lamanna, “Friuli” Division Commander, with Brigade General Francesco Bindi, Engineer Commander and Inspector, attended the event.

“Smart Sapper 17” is a training activity linked with the multinational exercise “Steel Barrier”, led by “Acqui” Division, which involves different minor exercise of Commands and Units of the Army, in the same scenario and with the same Command and Control system, in order to test common operational procedures.

After a brief demonstration of a PGM (floating motorized bridge) bridge module launch-refolding, a 2nd “Pontoons” issue, the exercise took place, by passing a watercourse with no ford, in a conflict context, with the contribution of 3rd Pontoons Company, from the other companies of the 2nd “Pontoons”, platoons of 11th Combat Engineer Regiment, “Serenissima” Lagunari Regiment, NRDC-ITA Tactical and Logistic Support Regiment, two crew of “Nizza Cavalry” Regiment and a squad from 2nd Signals Regiment.

This exercise achieved the aim to conduct a cooperation activity with Infantry units by launching the PGM bridge, in order to establish and test deployment procedures and coordination arrangements with Combat and Combat Support Units. The activity also allowed proceeding, improving the typical pontoons training and conducting recognitions aimed at construction of call and landing areas for the PGM bridge.

At the end of the exercise, military and civilian authorities visited a static exhibition of vehicles and equipment used during relief operation after an earthquake in Central Italy and attended a demonstration of improvised devices defusing from a 2nd Pontoons specialist team.